Speaker Handouts

Speaker Handouts

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, the ODA continues its commitment to go green at the ASM. Speakers permit us to post their handouts on the ASM website. Keep checking, more handouts will be added. (Please note that not all speakers provide handouts.)

Please note that these handouts are only available for download until July 31, 2019. Handouts for ASM20 will be available for download by mid-April 2020.

Handouts are organized by the last name of the speaker.

Alex, Gary

•  Friday Lecture – Occlusion 360
•  Friday Lecture – Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry
•  Friday Lecture – TMJ Screening Exam Sheet

•  Saturday Lecture – The Next Evolution in Adhesive Dentistry
•  Saturday Lecture – Care of Bonding and Laminates
•  Saturday Lecture – Porcelain Veneer Preparation Guide
•  Saturday Lecture – Esthetic Evaluation

Arlin, Murray and Nicolucci, Mark

•  Risk Factors and Complications in Implant Dentistry – AM Lecture
•  Peri-implantitis – PM Lecture

Bendit, Judy

•  What’s in Your Armamentarium?

Berman, Marvin

•  Dental Trauma in Young Children
•  Dentists and Patients – Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together
•  Dentists and Patients Can Make Beautiful Music Together
•  Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
•  Try Communication, Not Sedation, in Pediatric Dentistry


•  The Management of Odontogenic Infections in Dental Practice
•  The-Identification and Management of Complications in Oral Surgery

Butt, Michelle

•  Build a Stronger Team
•  Build a Stronger Team – Workshop

Cardoza, Rick

•  Laser Lecture
•  Laser Workshop

Clark, David

•  Oral Care for Older Patients
•  Oral Path Flow Charts
•  Treatment Chart

Clemes, Blake

•  CSI 1 – 2019
   2A-WHMIS-symbols, 2E-WHMIS-2015
   5A-Form 1, 5B-Form 2, 5C-Form 3, 5D-RPO, 9A-N2O

•  CSI 2 – 2019
   Slips, Trips, Falls, Employer Duties Summary Sheet, Spills
   Room Inspection, Incident Report, HARP Test
   Portable Dental X-ray Unit, Eyewash Unit, Fire Extinguishers

Curran, Alice

•  Everyday Encounters with Oral Pathology

Furst, Ian

•  Information Technology Infrastructure Audit for Dental Offices
•  Five Signs an Email Contains Ransomware

Griggs, Rick

•  Chaos and Confusion
•  Guns of Navarone
•  Navarone Guns ‘Wildcard’ Sheet.pdf
•  Communication in Dentistry
•  Communication in Dentistry – Cheat Sheet

Grisdale, Jim

•  The Art and Science of Crown Lengthening
•  Surgical/Restorative Connection in Dental ImplantTreatment

Hawkins, Mel

•  Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Heymann, Harald

•  Adhesive Dentistry
•  Missing Laterals
•  Posterior Composites
•  High Risk Caries Patient
•  Silver Diamine Fluoride
•  Vital Tooth Bleaching
•  The Carolina Bridge
•  White Spot Lesions

MacPherson, Leah

•  Concepts in Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy

Mausolf, Judy Kay

•  Communication Solutions – Master Handout
•  Delivering W.O.W. Service – Master Handout

McDermott, Neil

•  WHMIS Program – A Guide for Dental Practices

Merijohn, George

•  Gingival Grafting Mandibular Anterior Lingual

Molinari, John

•  Infection Control in the Dental Office
•  Challenge of Waterborne Infections

Odiatu, Uche

•  Gut Health
•  Perfect Posture

Parker, Jonathan

•  Friday Lecture – The Epworth Sleepiness Scale
•  Friday Lecture – Questionnaire for Sleep Apnea and Snoring
•  Friday Lecture – Bed Partner Questionairre
•  Friday Lecture – Titration Polysomnogram with Oral Appliance
•  Friday Lecture – How to Successfully Integrate Snoring and Sleep Apnea

•  Saturday Lectures – Construction of a Chairside
•  Saturday Lecture – George Gauge Instructions
•  Saturday Lecture – Treatment with an Adjustable Mandibular Advancement Device
•  Saturday Lecture – Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea – Workshop

Pastan, Christina

•  Gratitude Meditation

Redmond, Leslie

•  ODA Suggested Fee Guide and Dental Plans

Rush, Joan

•  Clinical Considerations Risk Mitigation Strategies – 2019
•  Panel Risk Mitigation Strategies – Adults With Disabilities

VanDyk, William

•  Syllabus for Associateships
•  Training for Dentists – evening program