Speaker Handouts

Speaker Handouts

Speakers permit us to post their handouts on the ASM website for a limited time. Not all speakers provide handouts. Handouts for ASM22 will be available for download until July 31, 2022.

Handouts are organized by the last name of the speaker.

Alonge, John

•  Practical Concepts and Applications for Office Oral Surgery
•  Differential Diagnosis of Oral Lesions

Carstensen, Steve

•  Pediatric Airway Therapy – 2022
•  The TMD, Nasal Airway, and their Relation to Breathing Disorders

Chong Yen, David and Rosthenal, David

•  Tax, Accounting and Legal Tips for minimizing COVID’s damage and seizing opportunities

Clemes, Blake

•  CSI 1 – Handouts
•  Module 5A Form-1
•  CSI 2 – Handouts

Convissar, Robert

•  Peri-implantitis Handout

Fluent, Marie

•  Infection Control Update

Genge, Anne

•  Cybersecurity for Dental Practices

Grisdale, Jim

•  Successful Application of Dental Implant Therapy
•  The Dark Side of Implants – Complications and Their Management

Harris, David

•  The Science of Embezzlement

Heymann, Harald

•  The Carolina Bridge
•  Adhesive Dentistry
•  FAQs About Today’s Ceramics
•  Management of Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors
•  Keys to Success with Posterior Composites
•  Solea CO2 Dental Laser by Convergent Dental
•  Vital Tooth Bleaching
•  White Spot Lesions in Orthodontics

Homoly, Paul

•  ProTiper Gold – Brochure
•  Case Acceptance Complete Dentistry

Kutsch, Kim

•  Path to CRM 2022
•  CRA Form

Lowenhaupt, Eric

•  Are Braces Obsolete?
•  Oral Hygiene Considerations
•  Where Are the Cuspids?

Malamad, Stanley

•  Local Anaesthesia
•  Is the Mandibular Block Passe?
•  Emergency Medicine
•  Cardiac Eemergencies

Mallonee, Lisa

•  Sugar and Sugar Alternatives
•  What Does Diet and Nutrition Have to Do With Dentistry?

Mausolf-Kay, Judy

•  Communication Solutions
•  Delivering W.O.W. Service

McDonald, Thomas

•  Staging Complex Restorative Cases
•  Anterior Tooth Positioning for Occlusion and Esthetics

Millar, Diana

•  Reinforced Periodontal Instrumentation and Ergonomics for Dental Care Provider
•  Reinforced Periodontal Instrumentation – flyer
•  Strategies for Injury Prevention While Practicing Dental Hygiene – 2022

Novy, Brian

•  Co-Dependent Cariology

Plotzke, Olaf

•  Oral Health Care for People with Disabilities
•  What will it take to get you to change how you see

Schnell, Ronni

•  Bite into that Apple!
•  Not Your Grandma’s Denture Anymore!


•  Interpreting Bitewings, Periapicals and Panoramics in the Dental Office
•  Digital Radiography Tips and Troubleshooting

Sharifi, Nader

•  Restorative Controversies in Implant Dentistry
•  Overdenture
•  Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth

Viviano, John

•  Sleep Apnea: Is Dentistry Doing Enough?
•  Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Selection for Optimum Outcomes

Vrla, Kelli

•  Stress Busting with Humor Workshop
•  Powerful Communication Strategies


•  So your patient has cancer… now what?
•  Five pitfalls of cancer treatment – and how to avoid them!

Webber, David

•  Some Days You’re the Pigeon…
•  The X Factor

Willhite, Corky

•  Composite Bonding
•  Transitional Bonding

Zase, Marty

•  Handout

Exhibit Floor – Health Eating Zone

Richards, Emily

•  ASM Healthy Eating Recipes