Speaker Handouts

Speaker Handouts

Speakers permit us to post their handouts on the ASM website for a limited time. Not all speakers provide handouts. Handouts for Virtual ASM21 will be available for download until July 31, 2021.

Handouts are organized by the last name of the speakers.

Dr. Anderson, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Bahrami

•  Dental Recordkeeping – References

Dr. Braun, James

•  Direct Composite
•  Direct Composite Restorations
•  Resources

Dr. Brucia, Jeff

•  Adhesive Dentistry Materials

Burch, Katrina

•  13 Factors of Psychological Health and Safety
•  CMHA Mental Health in the Workplace – Guidebook
•  CMHA Mental Health in the Workplace
•  CMHA Self Care Reflection
•  Psychological health and Safety in the Workplace


•  Stronger Together

David, Lesley

•  ODA Questions and Answers

Drs. Feldman and Naderiani

•  Infection Prevention and Control – References

Dr. Glassman, Gary

•  ProTiper Gold – Brochure
•  Endodontic Hands-on-Workshop Handout
•  Endodontic Hands-on-Workshop Handout-1
•  One-Day Intense Endodontics Handout 2021
•  ProTaper Gold – Tip Card

Johnson, Dayna

•  Numbers Tell Story – Handout 2021
•  Action Plan

Jones, Jo-Anne

•  Oral Systemic Message 2021
•  Customized Perio Treatment Form

Dr. Kohner, James

•  Beating Up on Periodontal Diseases
•  Crown Lengthening

Josh Koziebrocki and Dr. Carlos Quiñonez

•  Mechanisms of Accountability – References

Dr. Larose, Danielle

•  Black Triangle Closure and Peg Lateral Handout
•  Tips to create Life Changing Smiles

Dr. MacLean, Jannette

•  Less is More – Handout
•  Silver Diamain – Handout

Dr. Maggio, John

•  Dental Caries Update
•  Notches on Teeth
•  Why Patients Keep Breaking Restorations
•  Dental Caries Update – References

Dr. Margeas, Robert

•  Etiologies of Wear

McDermott, Neil

•  A Guide for Dental Practices
•  A Guide for Dental Practices – References

Dr. Petrikowski, Grace

•  Radiographic Interpretation 2021


•  Infection Prevention and Control Dental Office