Virtual Booth Information

Virtual Booth Information

Welcome ASM21 Virtual Exhibitors!
Exhibitor training on building your virtual booth will take place at the end of March. In the meantime, the following resources will provide you with some further information and FAQ’s about your virtual booth.

ASM21 – Virtual Experience

Click the link to view the Booth Guide/Specs

Booth Small    Virtual Booth Standard – Demo Video

Booth Medium    Virtual Booth Deluxe – Demo Video

Booth Large    Virtual Booth Premium – Demo Video

Video Training    ASM21 Virtual Booth Training – Video


Booth Data Collection Form:

Curator Creation Process

For Exhibitor inquiries, please contact
Vicky Hatzopoulos
Exhibits and Sponsorship Coordinator
416-355-2266  |  toll-free 866-739-8099 ext.2266