Speakers Program

Speakers Program

Courses marked as “BVP recording” are part of the Best Value Package which gives you access to the on-demand virtual ASM22. You can log in to the virtual platform between May 16 and 31 and view these courses on a 24-7 basis in the comfort of your office or home.


Dr. Makhoul, Nicholas

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Symposium
    Evidence Based Use of Antibiotics – Part 1: Antibiotics In General Dental and Oral Surgery Practice

Dr. Malamed, Stanley F.

  • Local Anesthetics: Dentistry's Most Important Drugs
  • Is the “Mandibular Block” Passé?
  • Ten Minutes to Save a Life: Emergency Medicine in Dentistry — Back to Basics BVP recording
  • Ten Minutes to Save a Life: Emergency Medicine in Dentistry — Cardiac Emergencies and Cardiac Arrest

Ms. Mallonee, Lisa F.

  • Sugar and Sugar Alternatives: The Bittersweet Truth
  • What Do Diet and Nutrition Have to Do with Dentistry?

Dr. Markic, Gordan

  • Planning: IT Considerations for the Dental Office

Ms. Mausolf, Judy Kay

  • Delivering W.O.W. Service: People Will Forget Everything Except How You Made Them Feel!
  • Communication Solutions: Attitudes, Breakdowns and Conflict Resolutions

Mr. McDermott, Neil

  • WHMIS Program: A Guide for Dental Practices

Dr. McDonald, Thomas

  • Staging Complex Esthetic-Restorative Cases: Putting Things in the Proper Order BVP recording
  • Anterior Tooth Positioning for Occlusion and Esthetics

Dr. Merijohn, George K.

  • Management and Prevention of Gingival Recession: The Interactive Seminar
  • KIWImethod® Workshop: Minimally Invasive Gingival Grafting

Ms. Millar, Diane

  • State-of-the-Art Hygiene: A Virtual Reality Trip Through Cutting-Edge Scaling Techniques
  • Advanced Scaling and Ergonomics: Elevate Your Career to a New Level Workshop

Dr. Miro, Andi-Jean

  • Digital Photography Tips, Tricks and Pearls
  • New Patient Experience: The Cosmetic Consultation