Speakers Program

Speakers Program

Courses marked as “BVP recording” are part of the Best Value Package which gives you access to the on-demand virtual ASM22. You can log in to the virtual platform between May 16 and 31 and view these courses on a 24-7 basis in the comfort of your office or home.


Mr. Lachapelle, Alan

  • PLP: Changing Times, Changing Needs

Dr. Lam, Ernest

  • Variants of Normal Radiologic Anatomy that May Simulate Disease on Panoramic Images
  • Ten Radiologic Findings Every Dentist Should Know

Dr. Lança, A. Jose

  • Cannabis and Implications for Clinical Dental Practice

Dr. Leis, Jerome

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Symposium
    The Medium Is the Message: Where to From Here – Part 1: Using Antibiotics Wisely – Helping Clinicians and Patients Engage In Conversations About Unnecessary Antibiotic Use: A Role For The Whole Dental Team

Dr. Lenkinski, Lionel

  • Bias in Clinical Decision Making

Dr. Lowenhaupt, Eric B.

  • With So Many Aligners Systems in the Marketplace Today, Are Fixed Appliances Even Relevant Anymore?
  • Hygiene Considerations for the Orthodontic Patient BVP recording
  • Where Are the Permanent Cuspids? A Question to Ask for All Patients Between Seven and 11 Years of Age