Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Amanda LindhoutAmanda Lindhout
New York Times Bestselling Author – Expert on Resilience, Survival and Optimal Mindset

Amanda Lindhout is a sought-after inspirational speaker. She is trusted by big brands to deliver a life changing, transformational experience. Her New York Times bestselling memoir, A House in the Sky, is currently being developed into a Hollywood motion picture starring two-time Oscar nominee actress Rooney Mara playing Amanda. The motion picture is based on her experience working as a journalist in Somalia, where she was abducted by masked men along a dusty road. Amanda spent 460 days as a hostage surviving on strategy, fortitude and hope in the face of unimaginable adversity.


Wayne LeeWayne Lee
Peak Performance Expert and Hall of Fame Speaker

Wayne’s is an award-winning entertainer who values magic and unlimited potential that we all have within us. As a five-time Canadian Wrestling Champion and former school teacher, he brings his unique perspective to your organization on the mindset that is needed for your team to deal with change, take more risks and bring their full creative selves to work and their personal life.

Wayne’s Peak Performance keynote of live and laughter hypnosis show combine insights from decades of research with humor and interaction to help your team discover the power of “The Peak Performance Mindset”.