Speaker Handouts

Speaker Handouts

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, the ODA continues its commitment to go green at the ASM. Speakers permit us to post their handouts on the ASM website. Keep checking, more handouts will be added. (Please note that not all speakers provide handouts.)

Handouts are organized by the last name of the speaker or session title.

Clemes, Blake

•  T-040  |  CSI: Compliance, Safety, Inspections
•  S-029  |  CSI 2: Office Implementation of Compliance, Safety and Inspections.

DiAngelis, Anthony

•  T-026  |  Bruised, Broken and Bedevilled Teeth

Govoni, Mary

•  T-007 and F-026  |  Dental Assistants – Be the Superstar on Your Team
•  T-008 and F-025  |  Maximizing Dental Practice Efficiency

Hawkins, Mel

•  F-034  |  Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
•  S-016  |  Oral Sedation for Dentistry

Heymann, Gavin

•  F-019  |  Advances in Orthodontics
•  F-020  |  Orthodontics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Koerner, Karl

•  F-039  |  Simplifying Surgical Extractions

Kohner, James

•  S-003  |  How Crown Lengthening Will Enhance Your Restorative Results

Olmsted, John

•  S-006  |  Endo Update

Parker, Jonathan

•  F-018  |  Treating Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
•  S-030  |  The Nuts and Bolts of Treating a Snoring and Sleep-Apnea Patient

Philp, Lisa

•  F-009  |  Ultimate Synergistic Team
•  F-010  |  Managing a Successful Team

Psutka, David

•  T-022  |  Proven and Unproven Therapies
•  T-023  |  Musculoskeletal Functional Disorders
•  S-031  |  Orofacial Pain and Management Symposium Resources

Purchasing a Practice F-016

•  F-016  |  Hoping to Own Your Own Practice?
•  F-016  |  Purchasing a Practice
•  F-016  |  Buying a Dental Practice

Ryder, Mark

•  T-004  |  Periodontics
•  T-005  |  Periodontal Medicine

Sammon, Patrick

•  F-029 and S-001  |  Danger Behind the Mirror
•  F-030 and S-002  |  New Face of Drug Abuse

Soper, Meg

•  T-031  |  Bring it On

Valachi, Bethany

•  T-041  |  Demystifying Pain
•  T-042  |  Fitness 101

Worcester, Patricia

•  T-009 and F-004  |  Periodontal

Zamora, Rita

•  F-011  |  Social Media 101
•  F-012  |  Keys to Social Media

Zase, Marty

•  F-040  |  Cosmetic Pearls