Speaker Handouts

Speaker Handouts

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, the ODA continues its commitment to go green at the ASM. Speakers permit us to post their handouts on the ASM website. Keep checking, more handouts will be added. (Please note that not all speakers provide handouts.)

Handouts are organized by the last name of the speaker.

Banta, Lois

•  10 Top Management Tools For a Successful Practice
•  High Impact Communication

Barbeau, Jean

•  Sterilization

Barry, Peter

•  Leadership is a Team Sport
•  Growing Your Unique Brand

Benjamin, Scott

•  Understanding the Role and Limitations of Lasers

Boynes, Sean

•  Evaluating the Interprofessional Model of Care
•  Exploring Local Anesthesia Pain Managment

Brennan, Michael

•  Oral Manifestations Immunosuppressive Drugs
•  Sjogren’s Disease and Systemic Lupus erythematosus

Choukroun, Joseph

•  PRF Protocol

Clemes, Blake

•  CSI 1
   2A-WHMIS-symbols, 2E-WHMIS-2015
   5A-Form 1, 5B-Form 2, 5C-Form 3, 5D-RPO, 9A-N2O

•  CSI 2
   Slips Trips Falls, Employer Duties Summary Sheet, Spills
   Room Inspection, Incident Report, HARP Test
   Portable Dental X-ray Unit, Eyewash Unit, Fire Extinguishers

Davis, Karen

•  Pathways to Health
•  Think Outside the Mouth

Engelhardt-Nash, Debra

•  Attracting and Retaining Patients
•  The Five Secrets of Practice Success
•  Nuts and Bolts Key Strategies for Peak Performance
•  You Had Me at Hello

Filo, Gabor

•  Hypnosis Revealed
•  Hypnosis, Meditation and Stress Management

Gamberdella, Ellen

•  Auxiliary’s Recipe for Patient Acceptance
•  The Wow Factor

Glazer, Bruce and Lenkinski, Lionel

•  Risk Managing Your Practice

Grisdale, Jim

•  Peri-Implant Disease
•  The Art and Science of Crown
•  The Surgical / Restorative Connection

Hovan, Allan

•  Oral Manifestations

Ignelzi, Michael

•  How to Prevent Caries in Primary and Young Permanent Teeth Part 1
•  How to Prevent Caries in Primary and Young Permanent Teeth Part 2

Kalmar, John

•  Diagnostic Aids for Oral Cancer
•  Oral Pathology You Forgot You Knew

Karp, Warren

•  Canada Nutrition Update
•  Canada Diet Promote Health

Kerr, Wayne

•  Lessons Learned about Money, Practice, and Life!
•  Classic Stages of Business

Lam, Ernest

•  Variants of Normal Radiologic Anatomy That Simulate Disease
•  Imaging Features and Interpretation

Laudenbach, Joel

•  Dry Mouth and Salivary Gland Dysfunction
•  Oral Cancer Screening and Lesion Recognition – 1
•  Oral Cancer Screening and Lesion Recognition – 2
•  Oral Lesion Biopsy and Adjunctive Device
•  Punch Biopsy Technique – Gingiva / Alevolar Ridge
•  Punch Biopsy – Ventral Tongue
•  Suture Punch Biopsy Technique
•  Geriatric Dentistry: Improve Your Clinical Confidence!

Lenkinski, Lionel and Glazer, Bruce

•  Risk Managing Your Practice

Maggio, John

•  Dental Caries Update

Meinz, David

•  The Healthy Dentist

Morgan, Amy

•  The Secrets to Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Loyal, Committed Patients
•  Leading Your Team to a Winning Performance!

Nkansah, Peter

•  Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Okeson, Jeff

•  What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Temporomandibular Disorders

Osuna, Tricia

•  Save me-Save you! Ergonomics and Effective Patient Care
•  What Is It? How Do I Use It?

Ouanounou, Aviv

•  Pain Management and Analgesics
•  Patients with Endocrine Disorders

Pearson, Liz

•  Eating for Optimal Health and Happiness
•  Mental Health and a Healthy Waistline

Pendergrass, Tim

•  Tensegrity to BioTensegrity
•  Dentistry: Talk About a Pain in the Neck!

Psutka, David

•  Rheumatological Diseases and the Orofacial Complex Pt.1
•  Rheumatological Diseases and the Orofacial Complex Pt.2
•  Rheumatological Diseases and the Orofacial Complex Pt.3

Ramos-Gomez, Francisco

•  Dental Caries
•  Into the Future: Keeping Healthy Teeth Caries Free: Pediatric CAMBRA Protocols

Robbins, Williams

•  2018 Global Diagnosis
•  2016 The Six Tools
•  Global Analysis Form

Rosen, Lonny

•  Dealing with the College in an Era of Transparency and Accountability
•  A Privacy Law Primer for Dentists

Saunders, Debbie

•  Oral Care for Medically Compromised Patients
•  Sexual Health in Oral Oncology

Sharifi, Nader

•  Restorative Steps
•  Full Arch Definitive Bridge

Somer, Elizabeth

•  Age-Proof Your Body
•  The Real Simple Diet

Soxman, Jane

•  Know When to Hold ‘Em & Know When to Fold ‘Em
•  Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Trauma

Stechey, Frank

•  Forensic Odontology Information
•  Dentistry’s Role in Abuse Recognition & Domestic Violence Prevention

Steinberg, Barbara

•  Dental Treatment for the Pregnant Patient
•  Optimal Aging for Women: Living to 100

Svirsky, John

•  Its More Than Physical and Other Love Stories
•  Great Cases With New Faces
•  Come in and Catch it: The Review That Sticks
•  Come in and Catch it: 25 Common Soft Tissue Lesions
•  Breakfast at Tifany’s: The Jewels and Gems of Oral Pathology