Important Updates

This year, all ASM Courses are Ticketed!

What does this mean? For the first time, our online ticketing system allows you to book seats in advance for both paid and unpaid courses.

Paid Ticketed Courses Include:

  • ALL Category 1 (Core) courses are $20 per ticket.
  • ALL Hands-on Workshops: Fees are listed below the course descriptor in the ASM19 Preliminary Guide.

Free Ticketed Courses Include:

  • ALL Category 2 lectures/courses (clinical lectures).
  • ALL Category 3 lectures/courses (practice management, personal development, other).

Tickets to these Category 2 and 3 lectures/courses must be booked online in advance, and are not available onsite. These tickets are no longer valid after the course/lecture’s published start time. 

Late Arrivals:

Standby lines will be available outside each meeting room for late arrivals and attendees who have not booked tickets in advance. Attendees in standby lines can access any available seats  immediately after the published start time of the lecture/course.

Registration for Free Ticketed Courses closes on Monday, May 6, 2019.

For full rules and regulations, please see the ASM19 Preliminary Guide page 16.